Software Developer – In today’s mobile and hassle-free era, it’s not wrong if applications that support business activities are a top priority for technology users, be it Android or iOS.

There are a lot of mobile devices used by the customer, but which platform will be best suited for your business / business model? How will you benefit your business and whether the platform can keep up with the latest industry updates and trends?

Both Android and Apple have their own advantages and disadvantages. Android allows you to reach a large audience, while Apple’s audience is more committed and loyal. For large businesses with adequate resources, they can grow on more platforms. But for small and medium enterprises, it is an important question that can decide whether your business will succeed or fail.

With more than 80% market share, Android devices are expected to dominate the global smartphone world in the years to come and beyond. One of the biggest benefits of Android app development  service in India that is, you can easily build, test, evaluate, and improve the application. This is one of the ideal ways to create business apps and improve user engagement. Also for this reason, so many people still choose to study android programming nowadays.

Flexibility in its use is the main point of the rapid development of mobile applications today.

The Android and iOS operating systems are the two most widely used mobile operating systems today. For businesses and businesses, of course it would be better if they made a business mobility application for the two operating systems, but not all business actors and businesses have sufficient budget for that because making these applications requires a large budget.

Android or iOS?

Before determining which operating system to use, it’s good if you already know the advantages and disadvantages of each of these operating systems.

Below are the advantages and disadvantages of these two operating systems:

In terms of application development, Android applications are generally built with the Java and Kotlin programming languages.

Android app development service in India are usually also assisted by Advance Google Development Tools such as Android Jetpack , Firebase, and the Android SDK which are a collection of libraries, features, and guides to help developers build and develop Android applications more easily.

The advantages of the Android Operating System

  • Android developers receive increased access to feature development
  • Android developers can develop applications for various Android devices, because not only smartphones use this operating system, other devices such as smart watches, TVs and so on.
  • Android developers can use the Google Design Guidelines to design a user interface that is easy for users to understand.


In the end, before determining what application you will build, it’s a good idea to consider it first, because the two operating systems have their respective advantages and disadvantages. But you must consider that Android has a larger user base and its development is more cost effective. And don’t forget to base these considerations on budgets, business ideas, targets, and other things that are important.

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