Business Intelligence and Project Management, both terms are some of the most important fractions required to business growth. To use another term, it is a whole system of data analysis processes resulting in the creation of appropriate information presentations, aimed at enabling the management of a company using BI to make better decisions. If we tried to explain the concept even more simply, it could be defined as the process of using available data to make the best business decisions in order to increase the productivity and efficiency of the company’s operations.

For this reason, the book provides basic, practical information on:

  • the purpose and scope of business intelligence;
  • organizing the intelligence function in the organization and its implementation in accordance with the law and ethical standards;
  • obtaining, processing, and analyzing information;
  • reporting the results of intelligence analyzes;
  • use of external intelligence service providers and the provision of business intelligence services as an external provider;
  • using business intelligence to support strategic decisions, in particular in the context of innovation and innovation.

Achieving business goals does not have to be complicated, yet many business owners are unable to successfully complete their tasks. In order to achieve regular success in this field, effective project management is necessary, which consists of a huge number of factors and… concepts that are worth learning. In this article, we will present you the most important ones that will be a starting point for you to increase your and your employees’ efficiency. To work!


However, before we go over and explain the most important concepts, let’s consider for a moment what project management really is. According to the dictionary definition, it is a series of activities carried out in order to achieve the set goals in the company. In practice, it is striving for success by carrying out short- and long-term tasks, as well as minimizing any risk that could thwart the company’s plans.


Strategic project management includes several basic activities that allow you to successfully achieve your goals. Belong to them:

  • defining, consisting in setting the goal, methods of its implementation, as well as detecting potential threats that could prevent the effective closure of the project,
  • project planning, i.e. determining the sequence of activities, tools to be used, options to be used, and all other detailed plans that will allow you to achieve the goal without incurring the unnecessary risk,
  • implementation of the plan, i.e. carrying out all necessary works – including the allocation of tasks to individual employees and setting the work schedule,
  • control carried out during the implementation of the project, aimed at verifying whether individual tasks are performed correctly and what, if necessary, should be done to make the work run more efficiently,
  • closing the project, which should be tantamount to making appropriate analyzes of the effects and whether the project was implemented as expected.

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