Today, Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming an increasingly important tool for agencies and other businesses. In this article, you’ll learn about the genuine advantages and how to put them to use in your business.

The term, means business intelligence, is a process of joining, organizing, analyzing and interconnecting information. This technique has been increasingly used to understand the behavior of the modern consumer, not just consumption habits, but navigation, interests, values, motivations, needs, etc.

Business Intelligence is a combination of actions capable of collecting detailed data and information about your entire business portfolio. It is an intelligent system that guarantees the autonomy of professionals working in various market segments and who wishes to position themselves with visibility and reference to their target audience.

  • From this perspective, we can define the following features of this tool:
  • Data collection and generation of relevant information about the business;
  • Interpretation of these data and information;
  • More specific analysis of the company’s processes and activities;
  • Assessment of business performance and profitability.

The use of Business Intelligence is important to carry out all the necessary transformations within an enterprise. The purpose of this tool is to generate better performance conditions for a company by identifying its strengths and weaknesses.

What are the benefits of BI?

Business intelligence has a number of benefits. Let’s name 6 of them here:

  • Intelligent analytics: more than loose data, BI crosses data and generates information-rich reports;
  • Targeting marketing campaigns and actions: when working with business intelligence, it is possible to understand the best campaigns for each type of audience thanks to the analysis and crossing of data;
  • Identification of the best-selling and least-selling products: very important for any business to understand its best and worst products, in addition to the reasons for more or less sales;
  • Elaboration of a profile of your customers and their respective tastes: working with segmentation is in the DNA of business intelligence. The more data, the more segmented and detailed the customer profile;
  • Cost reduction: cost reduction is a fact when working with the right products, more assertive campaigns and focused on the right audience;
  • Growth forecasts: Using BI also helps in forecasting business and sales growth.

What is Process Management and what is it for?

There are common business processes designed to meet goals of every organization. However, for any number of reasons, some processes can be slow, inefficient, unreliable, duplicate, and redundant. Process Management exposes all of these processes to new oversight, using models, metrics, and analysis to make estimates and identify necessary improvements that will produce better performance. When implementing new processes, companies can use Business Intelligence and Process Management to ensure that these processes integrate smoothly and function properly.

There are several options when looking for the best business process management services. And that’s where we are. ComplereInfosystem, a company with five years of experience, with intelligent team selected for organizations that simply want to effectively manage business processes and automate the distribution of documentation and information.

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