Why is Serverless Architecture need for an hour? 


In this new technology era, the demand for Serverless Architecture is proliferating. Almost 40% of the organizations adopted Serverless Architecture.  

And if you’re looking for details about Serverless Architecture and why it’s needed for an hour, then you’re reading the right article.  

After reading this article, you’ll know precisely about Serverless Architecture, the need, and the benefits of Serverless Architecture. 

In the software world, Serverless Architecture is trendy. As a result, many giant companies like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google invested heavily in Serverless Architecture. Let’s see the reason behind it.  

What is Serverless Architecture?

There are tons of benefits to adopting Serverless Architecture. Companies build and run applications, but they don’t want to manage their infrastructure. And with the help of Serverless Architecture, companies don’t focus on architecture responsibilities, workload, scaling, and maintenance because Serverless Architecture handles everything. Amazon web services (AWS) is the best example of Serverless Architecture growth. 

Demand for Serverless Architecture is enormous, and companies are getting huge benefits. They don’t need to manage physical infrastructure because companies rely on third-party platforms to manage everything. After using this platform, companies are now overgrowing, and some of the popular Serverless platforms are – AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud platform.  

  • According to the O’Reilly Survey, 40% of organizations adopted Serverless Architecture.
  • In 2020, 50% of AWS users will be using Serverless Architecture.
  • In 2021, the market of Serverless Architecture hit $7.7 billion.

Serverless Architecture comes with two different perspectives: 

#1 Function as a Service (FaaS):

With this model, developers can run the application without worrying about back-end infrastructure.


#2 Back-end as a Service (BaaS):

This model handles the entire back-end infrastructure of systems like database, storage, etc. Companies adopt this model, completely outsourcing the back-end of the system handled by a third-party platform. 

Here are some fantastic benefits of using Serverless Technology 

#1 Quicker Deployment

Using Serverless Architecture, if any company wants to launch apps fast, the Serverless approach is best. Now companies don’t need to deploy apps to take weeks and months. By using Serverless Technology, companies can deploy apps in a few hours and days. Because now companies don’t need to focus on infrastructure. They can build and publish it immediately without focusing on physical infrastructure. 

#2 Low Cost 

The most significant benefit of using Serverless Architecture is its low cost. Companies outsource all physical infrastructures like servers, databases, etc. They don’t need to build their server if you can outsource.

#3 Increase delivery speed and scalability

By outsourcing physical infrastructure to third-party platforms, companies now mainly focus on applications and delegate all server database work to vendors. And companies can build and release applications faster and start scaling rapidly.  

#4 Leverage Elasticity and Scalability 

After adopting Serverless technology, companies are scaling rapidly. Because the back-end is working best without putting any effort, companies’ primary purpose is to build applications and provide the best services for scaling.   

#5 Improve Security 

When companies outsource physical infrastructure, then it’s third-party responsible for the security of servers. That’s why it’s more reliable and beneficial for you to adapt Serverless Architecture.


#6 Decouple Infrastructure

The demand for Serverless Architecture is multiplying. However, the best example of Serverless companies like AWS, Microsoft, and Google mainly focused on their services and application and less focused on infrastructure management because third-party vendors handle everything. 

Is Serverless Architecture the right choice for you?

Serverless Architecture is one of the best ways to deploy applications. Companies are getting so many benefits from outsourcing physical infrastructure. If you want to build and release application requirements, then you can outsource your physical infrastructure. By using Serverless Technology, you’ll get more improvements, security, and productivity.   

Final Verdict 

Serverless Architecture technology is multiplying, and companies are taking advantage of using this technology. We hope after reading this article, you can make decisions to use Serverless Architecture technology. Because in this article, we’ve covered details about Serverless Architecture and its benefits. In the end, discussing it is the right option for you. Now it’s entirely dependent on your requirements.  

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