When is the right time to move an application from on-premise to cloud? 


In this rapidly growing industry of cloud environment, many companies are migrating to the cloud and taking huge benefits of cost-effectiveness, security, productivity, and scalability.  

But some are confused about when the right time to migrate an application from on-premise to cloud is? Don’t worry because you’ll know precisely the right time to migrate an application from on-premise to the cloud after reading this article. 

Here are some points you need to consider when you need to migrate an application! 

#1 Business is going multinational (Scale your business) 

Companies are migrating when they want to start scaling their business rapidly. Because when businesses grow, they need more space, database, storage, and tools to handle. And a cloud environment is something that comes with all resources that helps any business to grow.  

Companies are taking huge benefits after migrating to a cloud platform. Scaling is the most significant factor in migrating applications on-premise to the cloud. 

#2 Need of a New Data Centre

When companies start scaling their business to different nations, then there are requirements for new data centers. Many servers’ fewer giant companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google outsource their work and migrate to the cloud. For scaling businesses, new data centers are required. And it’s the best time to migrate to a cloud platform. And it’s the best time to migrate your application from on-premise to cloud. 

#3 To gain competitive Advantage  

According to IBM, companies are gaining a competitive advantage who migrating applications from on-premise to cloud. There are some facts and figures that come as advantages of using cloud platform: 

  • 41% Reduce IT Costs 
  • 40% Increase Revenue / Decrease Cost 
  • 40% Increased productivity

By using cloud platforms, companies are getting excellent results in Customer Relationships, big data analytics, decision making, and support systems. In addition, by migrating to the cloud, companies gain a competitive advantage. 

#4 Time to Increase Market 

When companies decide to switch to a cloud environment, they’re ready to rapidly grow their market size and scale. Because with cloud migration, companies can use space and database as per their requirement without facing any issues. In cloud platforms, companies can fulfill their needs for scaling purposes and mainly focus on increasing the market.  

These are significant points to consider when you can migrate applications from on-premise to cloud. Because switching to a cloud platform comes with so many benefits, you need to see the real benefits of a cloud environment. So, if you’re at this stage when these points match your requirements, immediately switch to a cloud platform to grow your business.  

Final Verdict

When companies adopt cloud platforms, then they’ll start getting benefits. Most companies use this platform when they want to scale their business and increase the market rapidly. And after reading this article, you can decide when you can switch to a cloud platform because, in this article, we’ve covered details about cloud platforms and points you need to consider before switching to a cloud platform. Now it’s up to you to switch to a cloud platform to grow your business.

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