5 Must-Have best practices for your Javascript Project


JavaScript is the most popular and easy-to-learn programming language. Developers prefer JavaScript language to be more flexible than other languages like C, C++. 

But it needs practice to improve your Coding skills so that you can finish projects more efficiently. And in this article, we’ve covered five best practices that help you enhance your performance and are helpful for your javascript projects. 

After doing this practice, you can deliver your project with less effort. So, let’s begin and see all the best practices you need to do! 

Here is a list of five best practices for JavaScript projects: 

Practice #1 Maintain Quality of Code using Tools like JSlint and ESLint 

If you want to enhance your Coding skills so that you can do solid Coding for JavaScript projects, you need to maintain good quality, and for this, you can use these two tools that help you keep practicing and maintain your quality. JSLint & ESLint are both handy tools where you can practice your Coding skills.  

ESLint helps you maintain good code quality by identifying and reporting to you if any errors come in your code so that you can immediately improve it and maintain good quality in your project.  

JSLint tool is used to check if JavaScript code should compile and run successfully. It’s a browser-based web application to use for practice.

Practice #2 Define Variable names properly

You need to define variables appropriately, and to define them, you need to know three fundamentals when naming variables: 

1 . The variable name must describe the information and tell specifically in words what the exact meaning of the variable is. 

2 . You need to prioritize how easy your code is readable rather than faster written.  

3 . You need to adapt standard convention for naming variables so that it’s useful for global decisions. 

Defining variables specifically help you to enhance your project speed. 

Practice #3 Avoid Global Variables as much as possible

There are various reasons to avoid global variables as much as possible because they’re easy to overwrite in different areas because they’re available everywhere. As we all know, global variables are properties of windows to overwrite things in the window object. 

Practice #4 Define a Function per task 

Functions are an essential component, and you need to define Functions per task to execute the tasks. Javascript Functions are first-class objects meaning they behave like objects and assign variables, arrays, etc. 

Three different ways to define Functions: 

  • Function Declaration
  • Function Expression
  • Generator Function

Practice #5 Validate all the data, both incoming and outgoing

JavaScript provides a way to validate all the data on a client’s computer before sending it to the webserver. Validation performs two functions – Basic Validation and Data format validation.  

  • Basic Validation: First, you must check the form to make sure all mandatory fields are filled.
  • Data Format Validation: Second, you must check the entered data for the correct value.  

Final Verdict 

Finally, we’ve discussed the top five best practices for your javascript projects. Your work is to keep practicing and build your coding skills to complete JavaScript projects efficiently. Drop your comment and let me know about which practice you want to do? 

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