How can you schedule ETL processes?  


The process by which data is extracted from the data sources and moved to a central host is known as the ETLprocess. Data sources should not be optimized for analytics. The process will be different in different tools, but the final result will be the same. It helps to process data extraction, transformation, and loading. 

How can you schedule and trigger your ETL processes? 

You can take 2 approaches to trigger ETL processes. 

1. Event-based triggering  

If you want to run an ETL process on an event, this triggering will work best for you. Let us tell you about the event first. An event can occur as soon as a file is placed in an S3 bucket or blob storage to run the ETL process. This approach is generally known as event-based triggering. 

Here you have to design your ETL process for listening to the event to deploy as you want. That means you have to transform your export into a data warehouse.  

2. Schedule based triggering 

When you want to run the ETL process at a particular time that is known as a schedule-based approach. For example, suppose you want to run an ETL process every day at 9:00 pm for 6 hours; you can do it through this approach. Here you get the opportunity to define a schedule as you want. It is the second way by which you can schedule your ETL process. 

How to get event-based and schedule-based training?  

There are several ways by which you can get event-based and schedule-based training.  

In event-based triggering, you need to listen to one event constantly. If the event happens, the process will run. So you have to define that process in a way that will be continually running and listening to the event. 

If you want to create and run an ETL process in python, you can go to the chrome tab to schedule an event. You can also decide on what time you want to trigger the process. It will do that in your defined schedule.  


You can schedule your ETL process to get the maximum benefits for your company. You also can get the comfort to do the process in your predefined time. In this way, you do not need to work at that particular time, and it will be done yourself. As we described, you can follow these processes to schedule your ETL processes.  


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