Top 10 skills that employers look in a student’s resume 


A student spends their hours and sometimes days and weeks making their resume. But all of their hard work will be in vain if they can’t match what employers are looking for. If you want to be in the job interview stage, you should make a resume that will hook the employer quickly. As employers have to go through hundreds of resumes, you have to make sure your resume portrays the same qualities as hiring managers are looking for in the candidate.  

In this article, we will share 10 skills that employers look at in a student’s resume that has no prior advanced skill set.

  1. Ability to work on a team

As you are a student, employers are not expecting you to have advanced skill sets in the industry. Instead, they will focus more on your personality. Generally, companies want those types of employees who have great quiet adaptability. In addition, employers love hearing that the student wants to learn, which is poorly needed in a fast-moving world. 

If you can add in the resume how you worked on a project with your classmates or did something for an NGO, it will be a big plus point for you.  

  1. Problem-solving skills

Every job has its challenges and problems. A hiring manager wants to find the employee’s reaction while facing any issues or challenges. Does he quit, or does he fight these problems living in the ground field? If you are one of those persons who can handle emergency problems and challenges with your calm mind, you will be rewarded for sure by the company. 

So you can add some professional and student life incidents in your resume telling how you faced the situations with your calm mind at that time. It will give good impressions to your employers. 

  1. Analytical skills

Analytical skills are those skills where you can collect data, analyze it, and decide to solve the problems. Every employer wants to find these qualities in their employees. As a result, you will find a lot of problems in your office days. How you manage these problems is one of the best qualities of your resume. 

  1. Verbal Communication skills

Verbal communication skills are among the most critical skills in today’s job. A significant portion of any product needs a marketing presentation. It is not just required when you are talking directly to the customers. It is also required to fundraise for your company by presenting to your present shareholders.  

So this quality of verbal communication is a must to have in a student showing his resume. 

  1. Written Communication Skills

It is a crucial skill to write appropriately. You don’t need to be a highly-skilled writer. But you should know how to write an effective email or write a description for a product. It should be reflected in your resume too. You have to be cautious about the writing in your resume.  

Any grammatical errors in your resume may be a reason for your rejection. 

  1. Initiative

If you want to show that you are a person who loves to take responsibility or be a team leader, you will be valued by the employers. Nowadays, most of the work can be done by automation. But it cannot replace the managing skills of humans. So if you have the quality to initiate work, it will be a big plus point for you.   

So if you write about some projects which you initiated yourself in your institutions or organizations, it will impress the employers positively.  

  1. Leadership

Though you will be joining as a trainee or junior employee, employers try to find the students who have inbuilt leadership qualities. You may be in one of the company’s top positions where you have to make big decisions. It will never be a smooth journey if you don’t have leadership qualities. Then you have to depend on someone else to make big decisions. 

 Try to add some projects in your resume where you are in the leadership role that will give an idea to the employers that you have this particular skill. 

  1. Technical Skills

As you are new in the employee roles, the company does not expect that you will have excellent technical skills. But some basic technical skills and the new age technologies like social media are a must skill to have. For example, if you are applying for engineering jobs, you need knowledge of some basic ideas about python, java, or c++ programming language.  

You should add some relevant projects that will show that you have some technical skills. Moreover, it will distinguish you from other candidates. 

  1. Flexibility

In this era, flexibility is one of the must have skills which employers are looking forward to. It also demonstrates that you are curious and eager to learn new things.  

  1. Strong Work Ethics

Without work ethics, employers will not even consider candidates irrespective of the criticality of the position. So, it would be the best idea to show some of them in your Resume. 

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