App developers are in high demand as the market for mobile applications expands daily. Both large and small businesses are actively seeking for mobile app developers with experience in Android and iOS development.

It’s no secret that App Development has long been a well-paying profession. Beginning with J2ME and Nokia, it really took off with Android and iOS.

Even though there are many programming languages accessible, it is crucial to know which ones are most suited for app development and select the one that will allow you to build applications for both Android and iOS while also allowing you to become a better all-around app developer.

In the world of app development, there are many options for aspiring app developers, such as Java and Kotlin for Android development, or Swift for iOS development, or JavaScript and React Native for cross-platform applications.

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Best App Development Programming Languages in 2022

Knowing what options you have as an app developer now gives us a good foundation to go further and discover which programming language will be most useful in 2022 for android app development service in India.


If you can believe it, JavaScript is the most popular language on the internet. For JavaScript, the emergence of frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Vue, Svelte, and React.js has made it more appealing. It’s best to learn JavaScript sooner rather than later if you can’t avoid the internet.

To get the most out of your JavaScript skills, you need to understand additional JavaScript-based libraries like jQuery, which are used by many other frameworks, such as Angular JS or React JS.


Google released Dart in 2011 as an open-source, object-oriented, and general-purpose programming language. The syntax of Dart is similar to that of C, and it may be transcompiled into JavaScript if desired. It may be used to build websites on the client or the server. For both native and cross-platform mobile development, Dart is becoming more and more popular.

Flutter, which simplifies cross-platform app development, is the most compelling argument for learning Dart, in my opinion. To learn Flutter, I recommend learning Dart Programming.


As another widely used programming language with a wide range of job opportunities and potential for advancement, Java is also quite popular. As a server-side programming language primarily used to build robust backend servers, Java can also be used to develop Android apps. Devs here at Complere Infosystem are specialist in Java Programming. We thrive to provide our best.

For those who desire to become app developers for Top ETL companies in India, knowing Java has several advantages. Creating a Java backend enables you to become a full-stack developer, allowing you to work on both Android and Java projects.


Consider studying Swift by the year 2022 if you want to build iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad.

iOS app developers will no longer use Objective C as their go-to language. Because it resembles Python and is the official programming language for iOS, Swift is everything you need to understand the Swift programming language.


This year, 2022, the programming language of choice for Android app development is Kotlin.

Kotlin offers native support and is supported by several IDEs, including IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio, even if Java is my favourite language for Android development.

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