What change do we need that can increase productivity? 


 Are you owning an organization and struggling with managing your team members? Are you looking out for ways to make your organization productive?   

If you are, then just know, you’re not alone. Most of the organizations are facing or have faced such issues. So here we will tell you how you can just implement one thing that would give you the solution to all these problems. It proved to be helpful among our team members here at Complere. 

What is Productivity? 

Productivity is a requirement for an organization to grow. Productivity means that an organization achieves quality results and contributes to its purpose. 

It is something that every organization wishes to have, good productivity, and that ideal situation where all employees have the same level of attention, passion, goal, and motivation to lead the company towards success. 

Other than Efficient employees, Time, Input, and Finances, other factors affect the productivity of an organization. Such as good teamwork and proper management of resources.  

There is one more thing that contributes towards productivity, Taking ownership. Upon developing an ownership mentality in the team, we, in Complere, saw a hike in the engagements, performance, commitment, and productivity. 

What is Ownership? 

 Ownership is taking informed actions to enhance the quality of an organization’s outcome with individual accountability and others.  

How does taking ownership benefit the members? 

 1. Strengthening Relationship between Employee and Employer: Taking ownership provides a sense of mutual trust and confidence, hence strengthening the bond. 

 2. Mutual Understanding within Teams: Conflicts in the workplace reduce, and understanding is created.  

 3. Employees Productivity: Employees tend to become more committed and result-oriented. 

 4. Take actions that involve risks: Taking ownership provides the person the willingness to go down the untraveled road and take calculated risks. 

How does giving ownership benefit the organization? 


 1. Giving ownership to the employees and participation in the decision-making will align their motives with the organization. 

 2. Employees who care about the team’s results as much as they care about their own results are willing to assimilate the differences within their team.  

 3. Such employees can foster a spirit of cooperation, making the team more productive as a whole. 

 4. Employees who have a sense of ownership regarding their job and the success of the organization have high engagement and are less likely to leave the company. 

How can leaders inbuilt a sense of ownership within their teammates? 

Here are some skills leaders can use when demonstrating to the team what ownership is about. 

 1. Be a leader, not a Boss- Make them realize that you’re with them even in most adverse situations. Be a mentor who they can rely upon and look up to. 

 2. Be responsible, even for your team- Even though you’ve assigned the tasks, you must take responsibility at all times. The best way to demonstrate teamwork and ownership is by being an example.  

 3. Don’t look down on your employees- It means you take responsibility and lead them with understanding and trust.  

 4. Know your Team– Try knowing employees’ lives outside work, which can significantly impact their mental health and hence affect their productivity.  

 5. Try to be a follower as well- As a leader also, there’s a lot to learn. Explore and simultaneously grow with them. 


Every member of the organization can achieve a sense of ownership. It is why many organizations make efforts to have intellectually, psychologically, and emotionally committed employees, keen to innovate, inclined to take risks, and accountable for their actions.  

It is essential to build a culture of personal accountability, where employees have the freedom to make appropriate decisions and the courage to take ownership. It will, in return, prove to be helpful in their engagement towards their job and further result in increased productivity of the organization as a whole. 

It is the responsibility of the team leader to inculcate a sense of ownership among the team members.  

Following this practice will increase organizations’ productivity, just as it did in Complere.

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