How to reduce the error rates in the reporting




You have a report that refreshes the data regularly. On the backend, you have the integration that you have run at a specific time and loads the data into the warehouse. Still, the data not be loaded because of which the BI not refreshing, and there are errors in the BI reports that have reported by the support team. How will you reduce these error rates with the help of automated testing?  



We have some test cases when the file is being loaded into the system, and the test automatically will give you the count records that have been loaded so you can have a test that if the count is less than the threshold, then it should raise a flag and alert and should notify here


And with the help of similar cases, you can create, and you can, in return, reduce the error of the integration, which will reflect the correct data in the reporting. So if the underline data is correct, the report will show the correct data and enhance the report data significantly less. 

What is Automation testing ?


It is a piece of software that allows you to specify testing tasks and then has it carry them out automatically. The most excellent part is that it ideally occurs with little human intervention. 


There are many automation testing tools on the market that you can use to test on many platforms, including desktop PCs, mobile devices, and smartphones. You may test reports and code 24 hours a day with testing automation, allowing performance testing to run without human interaction. In addition, you can speed up the test execution procedure if necessary. 

Various types of Automation Testing


  • API Testing 
  • Smoke Tests
  • Regression Tests 
  • Functional Testing 
  • Non-functional Testing 
  • Keyword-driven Testing 
  • Acceptance Tests 
  • UI Tests 
  • Security Tests 
  • Integration Tests 
  • Performance Tests 
  • Unit Testing 


Wait, don’t leave; the remaining things need your attention. There are many other advantages to this tool, so you should need to study it more closely. It is not just automation testing tools to test across many platforms. It benefits your company in many ways; let us discuss it below. 

How automation tools benefit your business



When you have multilingual websites, repetitive, tiresome, broad, and expansive test cases, and you want to have these tests performed by a human, things get rather complex for you and consequently prone to errors. Here, an illustration will help us comprehend: 

Easy to use for billion tons of data:

Creating reports is prone to error, especially when there is a billion tons of data. Therefore, in this situation, selecting an automation testing tool for your testing report would be preferable since it would produce better and faster results with noticeably less work and time.  

Produce a Quicker Result:

This makes it somewhat more uncomplicated for the development and support teams to consider the flaws and produce a faster result. While assuring proper functionality in all pertinent areas, the project’s total development speed is accelerated. Any fault may be fixed and deployed more effectively and economically the earlier it is discovered.

Change in performance::

Several performance changes will occur due to using automation testing in reporting, including increased reporting speed, more excellent test coverage, improved consistency, cost savings, frequent and thorough testing, and a shorter time to market.    

Use your data frequently:

You can repeatedly utilize your data from the perspective of project handling and maintenance, reducing expenses significantly. 



The facts mentioned above make it abundantly evident that automated testing significantly reduces the error rates in the reporting, cost, and time while also making the best use of manual efforts. Moreover, it opens the door for prompt feedback, which helps increase profitability. Therefore, automation testing might be a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses constantly fighting to obtain a sustainable competitive edge and advantage. Viewing automation testing as a functional paradigm shift in the IT industry is possible. 

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