4 ways to improve the
performance of DB Reports

My team is more committed to performing its responsibilities. I am happy and feel more proud because I have an excellent team. I asked my manager to review a report on business performance. I observed that poorly arranged the report, and the data did not demonstrate any decision-making process. At that time, I was very disappointed. Then, my technical team advised me to use these 4 techniques to increase the performance of the DB report. Therefore, before studying these four methods, it is crucial to understand what database reports are and why they are essential to increase their efficiency.

What is a DB report?  


DB reports are created from valuable and visualization data, such as storing the snapshot of the data and demonstrating or distributing the data summary for decision-making, analysis, and data search. DB reports help to provide details about personal records.  

Why do we need to improve the performance of DB Reports?


Each business tries to develop a highly effective database as they significantly impact business success. An outfit-wide bottleneck that reduces performance and reduces productivity may develop as a result of anything from a poorly designed query to a sequencing problem. However, after knowing that you are aware of 4 ways to improve the performance of DB Reports, you will be better at preventing unnecessary financial loss brought by server inefficiencies. 

4 ways to improve the performance of DB Reports


  1. Limit the rows and the columns which you need in your data model  
  2. Limit the number of visualizations in a report. If you have more visualization, it will be going to take more time to visualize  
  3. It would be best if you did all the data manipulation at the SQL level. If you do all the manipulations at the reporting level, it will be going to take more time for the loading, which will decrease the performance   
  4. Your start schema for your reporting purpose. The importance of data warehousing in a star schema is that it will divide your data model into the facts and dimensions that are optimized for your reporting needs. 

Benefits of improvement in the performance of DB report


You may quickly and efficiently generate reports and dashboards to track your business’s key performance indicators, analyze the data, and derive business-related insights. To delve deeper and comprehend business performance, you must filter, sort, search, and drill down into reports. Below is a look at a few of the advantages: 

  • You can create reports, bubble charts, and bullet graphs from databases. 
  • Create Insightful Reports & Dashboards. 
  • Managers and executives may swiftly derive insights from the target user and, as a result, make better decisions. 
  • Save Time and Resources 
  • Create Advanced Data Visualizations. 
  • With DB Reports, you can create any report using a simple drag-and-drop interface. 
  • Can generate these web-based reports in detail to showcase additional information or update in real-time to reflect the most recent data. 
  • Keep your sensitive data secure. 
  • Better DB Reports performance keeps you from inputting numeric values incorrectly, which could wreck your business. 
  • Examine a Variety of Options 
  • With additional tooltips, your reports will be more accurate and productive. 

Final words


At Complere, we implemented these 4 methods to enhance the functionality of DB reports and, as a result, increased productivity and better decision-making. These methods also improved data sharing, security, effective data integration, consistent, reliable data, and data that comply with privacy regulations

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