Are you facing performance issues with your reports? (part1)

Reports are essential evidence for every organization as they allow you to evaluate success and failure. We hope our article today can help you if you have any problems reporting performance. This article will be beneficial to you as it will explain the cause of the performance problems you are facing and the best method to implement to resolve them so that you can base your business decisions on the findings of the report.

Your manager must receive reports to assess success and failure, and the HR team sometimes needs to check the reports daily, weekly or monthly. But sometimes those reports deal with performance issues, making results-driven decisions difficult and time-consuming. 

Learn how to handle performance issues when creating reports and create accurate, timely, insightful reports that engage stakeholders 

What we are doing wrong:  
We are building our reports on the transactional database (DB). So, the transactional database is normalized and is optimized only for storing transactions. However, we should use the data warehouse if you want to do the reporting.  

How to manage the performance issues:



So, the data warehouse is denormalized, and you can divide your tables into facts and dimensions in the star schema, which will help you improve your performance for your reports.  

Additional issues  
Business-wide reporting often suffers from poor data quality. Still, there are additional issues that can impact your company, such as over-reliance on manual processes, performance issues that are inconsistent, prone to error, and performance in a are unable to a timely manner. These arguments are usually disregarded. The challenge is made more difficult for business users by performance issues, managing information flow, and maintaining information security regulations. 

Furthermore, in today’s corporate environment, having a technology that resolves these reporting difficulties and offers an integrated business planning capability has to be a must rather than an extra. 

Another crucial component of systematizing these procedures is releasing the finance team and line of business workers from data consolidation, cleaning, and transposition to concentrate on more value-adding tasks. 

For integrated reporting and planning, Complere utilizes a variety of technologies, some of which are listed below for your consideration: 

  • The cloud platform Adaptive Insights: It is renowned for its robust planning and office of financial reporting capabilities. It gives a quick and effective tool to manage reporting and planning that is simple to use and quick to implement. 
  • Analytics and data integration: They are highly customizable reporting, planning, and forecasting programs that can deploy in the cloud or on-premise. They are complete collaboration solutions that include thorough analytics, reporting, and a robust planning capability. 

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about some solutions that can help you with your reporting (and planning) problems. 

Do you want to learn more about handling and addressing performance issues in reporting, improving your company’s operations, and giving more people access to the information? Here is the link to the video: 

There are further factors as well, which we will discuss in the following article. Comment with us about what you think about it. 

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