Why Data warehouse is needed

Have you ever considered the need for a data warehouse in your company? Regardless of the industry, you are in. If not, then you will benefit from reading this article. There is a "single source of truth" data warehouse for all of your company's data.  

You can make data-driven decisions using a data warehouse and act accordingly to meet your business milestones. 

Let's evaluate why setting up a data warehouse is essential for your company.

Top reasons to use Data Warehouse

  • Visual dashboard: You can use it to create a visual dashboard. 
  • Boardroom presentations: You can create boardroom presentations by downloading them in PowerPoint or PDF. 
  • Secures and protects: It secures and protects classified information from multiple sources. 
  • Fast access: ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) ensures fast access to data for the data warehouse. 
  • Save time and increase ROI: The shadow system reduces time, increases knowledge, and increases efficiency. As a result, the ROI of the companies increases. 
  • Design real-time reports: You can create real-time reports and learn more about your business data using several technologies. 

Business and data analyst teams previously used common databases to conduct SQL queries for analytical purposes. However, as time went on, businesses were producing more data and using it for more analysis to help them make business decisions.  

But as a result, the query processing speed of your specific database becomes incredibly slow. Businesses then recognized the value and need for a data warehouse. The truth is that it’s built to handle vast amounts of data; it’s astonishing. It enables data analysts to filter, sort, and aggregate and analyze data quickly.  

How can your business benefit from a data warehouse? 

It can help to reduce and eliminate the following problems: 

Data inconsistency: It gets rid of inconsistent data. Data inconsistency occurs when a database contains many tables that may have the same data because the data came from various sources.

It reduces data quality issues in your organization: If your organization has poor data quality, it isn’t accomplishing its goals and losing credibility. Data from many sources may have problems with data quality, but data warehousing will help to address these problems. 

It helps reduce your queries’ low performance: Low query performance can have an expensive effect on systems. Low-performance queries may hold transactions and locks for more extended periods and have a higher likelihood of blocking and more client application timeouts. But with the Data Warehouse, you can make more precise improvements. 

It eliminates the unstable data in your reports: Even if you make a minor report change, the result of the calculation still changes significantly. The data warehouse will eliminate this kind of inaccuracy faster. 

A data warehouse can help run analysis on a vast volume of data: You can use a significant amount of data from a data warehouse for data analysis. For quick query response time, it should be optimized. Hence it is necessary to renormalize the data. 

I believe you have fully understood the need for a data warehouse in your company. Give us a call or send your inquiry if you need help implementing a data warehouse in your company. Our experts will assist you immediately. 
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