How to validate the data after the Transformation

If you want to make a result-driven decision, high-quality data should be present in your business. But the biggest challenge is how to measure quality data in your firm. Don't worry; we will give you a result-driven plan, which, once in practice, will reduce the flaws of any project, high-quality filter data, and the process will promote effectiveness. 

At Complere, we use a reliable cross-checking data validation process, ensuring that the dataset is accurate, clean, reliable, correct, and complete by removing data mistakes from any project and simple to data handling. 

Let's get into further detail.

How to validate data in your organization?

In our high school, we performed cross-checking to determine whether the results were accurate. When validating your data, we can similarly employ a cross-checking method. 
Here, an approachable and interesting example will help us understand: 

Interesting validate data example


Imagine you have 100 rupees. And you wish to divide this sum among five people, ensuring that the amounts are distributed equally. 
Therefore, you have divided 20rs in this situation for each individual. To arrive at the right answer, you used the solution approach 100/5 = 20. 

Cross-check approach in Data validation


Implement the cross-check approach described below to ensure you’ve given each person the appropriate amount of 20X5=100. 
You are now sure that you distributed the same amount to each participant. 

How to implement cross-checking approach in data validation?


The cross-checking approach can be applied similarly to data validation. Want to know how? Please continue the reading. We’ll talk about a compelling example to help you comprehend the cross-checking method more clearly. 

Compelling examples to apply a cross-checking approach in data verification


Let’s say you want to know how many subscribers you have for your social media campaign. Then you must create a straightforward query for it, such as group by, or if you want to perform a cross-check, add up all the subscriptions to determine. They are consistent with the initial subscription.  

When you cross-check and validate the data, you may be sure that you have successfully loaded or transformed the data by comparing the source and what has been loaded in the target. 

Benefits of cross-checking data validation in your business


We know that inaccurate data costs the business time, money, and resources. Therefore, having high-quality data is essential for accuracy and dependability. The benefits of data validation in your business are listed below: 

  • Data validation ensures that the data in your system is accurate. Your business benefits from accurate data in many different ways, especially when it comes to sales. 
  • Without question, sales teams rely on reliable data to create and maintain accurate sales lead lists. Your sales funnel won’t be able to stay successful to fill pipeline full. If you keep employing disconnected lines or expired email addresses. 
  • Businesses save time and create many potential possibilities by authenticating data. 
  • Data validation ensures that you work with accurate data for your current clients, organizational structures, executive directories, and financial information. 

Complere can help

Complere combines the most advanced automated technologies with skilled, experienced personnel to give you the best data validation services available. 

We understand that it is not possible to have your personnel manually validate information every day. We can swiftly and accurately authenticate data using industry-leading procedures, giving your employees access to the most recent, accurate, and comprehensive information whenever they need it. 

Call the Complere team at 7042675588 today to learn more about our data validation services and how we can help you.

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