Improve the productivity & build high performance


Leading a team, whether it consists of ten or a hundred people, is incredibly challenging. Analyzing the team's performance isn't our cup of tea either. Our management was having a lot of trouble keeping track of the employees' performance while managing the team. 

Employees were not motivated & competitive. They were not exhibiting much involvement in their work, and there were many more challenges we were encountering since they didn't know where they needed to improve, their roles were unclear, and they could not spot the challenging areas. To run a successful company, we needed to be on the same page, which was difficult. 

What does Complere do?


We made Flolite a part of our company culture. To begin, we gave staff a template for a customized SAAS-based application for maintenance, which requires managers/leaders to have. Then, monthly one-on-ones using a pre-defined template aided them in providing feedback and determining the next steps for improvement. As a result, we saw significant productivity and performance improvements from using Flolite. 

The Flolite application mandates quarterly assessment, during which the team will be able to enhance their complex area with the assistance of mentors.  

  • This application enables our employees for rewards & recognition, which makes them motivated & competitive. 
  • Implementation of Flolite, we build the Culture of our Dreams 
  • Flolite provides companies with the tools to offer perks that employee Management 

The Scope of the engagement included the following initiative.


  • Conduct a quarterly performance review and keep track of it 
  • Build trust by revisiting goals, role clarity & ensuring growth 
  • Drive motivation by appreciating our team members 
  • Custom reports assessing the competency and engagement of our employees 
  • To assure action completion, we develop a procedure for reminding services 

Complere Solution benefited in many ways:

  • Our workplace is now a happier one 
  • Employees that are highly motivated and skilled 
  • Employees can recognize the problematic areas 
  • We are raising Flolite awareness and improving cultural literacy among our employees. 
  • Within six months of using Flolite, the company’s culture had improved from 50% to 80%, as everyone knew where they stood and where they needed to improve 
  • Employees are developing hidden talent with experienced mentors  



With highly personalized monthly 1-on-1, peer feedback, and quarterly reviews, it is easier for the team to fulfill the progress goals, resulting in high productivity. Flolite gives businesses the tools they need to offer employee perks while sustaining company culture. This statistic aids management in tracking team member performance and increasing team productivity. With these metrics, our employees have increased productivity and built excellent performance. As a result, they are more satisfied and happy in their current position. 

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Improve productivity & build high performance 
Complere Infosystem was unable to track employee performance because its employees were not motivated or competitive, and did not take an active role in their work. As a result, business was struggling. Want to know how Complere Infosystem is now able to come out of this tough situation and improve from 50% to 80%? Please click here!