How to measure Development Productivity It is feasible to quantify anything in today’s technologically advanced world, including an employee’s, teams, and developer’s productivity. We frequently discuss how to measure employee and team member productivity, but we rarely discuss how to measure developer productivity. Yet, development is a crucial step in the project delivery, determining a …

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Every detail of the business process you need to know In order to effectively manage processes, an organization must connect its processes with its goals, develop and implement associated structures, and establish measurement methods that are aligned with those goals. Managers must also be trained and organized so that they can do so. In addition …

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Data Management and App Development company in India What is Data Management? Data management and analytics companies are the biggest platforms for the development of architectures, practices, procedures, and policies to maintain the data lifecycle. To exemplify, everyday terms, data management is the process of collecting, keeping, and using data in a cost-effective, secure, and efficient …

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Textellent has to build at speed and scale to handle clients’ info uploads of Textellent customers from various Tax software, before the import files required to be validated and then processed.

You have a report that refreshes the data regularly. On the backend, you have the integration that you have run at a specific time and loads the data into the warehouse. Still, the data not be loaded because of which the BI not refreshing, and there are errors in the BI reports that have reported by the support team. How will you reduce these error rates with the help of automated testing? 

In this article, we will discuss when to use the No SQL database and what are the used cases for the same. SQL isn’t the quickest or most elegant way to communicate with databases, but it’s our best. Why is that? 

For any business, application development is essential. Unfortunately, developing an application has been a complex problem now and in the past. Your developed application represents your Business or Brand (services and products). You need to hire more experienced developers and other team members to collaborate and deliver value.

4 Crucial Ways Data Analytics Can Assist Companies in Winning Customers The current era is marked by severe rivalry in a variety of industries, including business. With each passing day, corporate rivalry grows, and modern firms are under increasing pressure to fully understand client wants and offer the best-suited products to them Data management and …

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After reading this article, you will better understand the similar services offered by AWS and Azure. To use these services for your business, you must evaluate the IT capabilities of the similar services offered by AWS and Azure across all categories. Before comparing the similar services provided by AWS and Azure, it is crucial to understand their difference. 

Nowadays, everyone is digitizing their business; if you are a large corporation, setting up a traditional server, place, hard disk, network setup, hiring an expert to manage the server, and many other things are not problematic. However, if you are a startup and want to start your business, you will have to pay extra for new staff, server setup, and other expenses. If you’re looking to minimize this unnecessary spending and manage your business without stress, you have to move to AWS or AZURE. Want to know why? Today’s blog will be pretty valuable to you.

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