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How Data Management is Significant in the Growth of App Development Process?

According to current estimates, the number of smartphone users will reach a staggering 3.8 billion by 2021. This massive growth in smartphone users has resulted in a surge in demand for improved mobile apps. These contemporary apps now utilize massive volumes of data, necessitating the usage of a powerful management solution for evaluating and managing this data. This is where the utilization of Big Data technologies for app development comes into play.

The reality that big data technology is nothing short of a blessing for app development services in India is evidenced by the fact that industry heavyweights such as Amazon, Starbucks, Uber, and others have resorted to it for app development success. After all, getting the appropriate insights to understand what end-users desire is critical, and big data apps may assist tremendously.

Delivering applications based on the choices of customers

To begin, each app must first comprehend the interests of its users and supply services precisely following their tastes. Big data enables businesses to better understand their consumers’ preferences and even track real-time information about their actions.

Understanding demand and preferences assist businesses in planning for the future. They may start planning ahead of time and avoid future failures by meeting the expectations of their loyal clients.

In this regard, it’s also worth noting that big Data management and analytics companies enable firms to prepare ahead of time in response to client needs. As a result, the chances of their making a mistake are diminishing.

Furthermore, businesses can come up with fresh methods to improve their existing applications, allowing them to retain current users while also attracting new ones. This is excellent news for a company’s income and image.

We at Complere Infosystem works for their client’s liability. We provide our latest services to our clients for better engagement and credibility.

End-to-end marketing with big data

Big data is critical for comprehending current market trends and developing appropriate app concepts in response. However, most individuals are unaware of how big data may help them even after that notion has been developed.

Developers may easily save and extract open-source code using Mobile Big Data Analytics. Streamlining the development process minimizes the amount of time required for coding, allowing businesses to save money on production.

Our company knows what to do with Big Data. Big Data is seen to be the most crucial part of a Data management and analytics companies. We at Complere Infosystem work to improve your data optimization and manage your data with the world’s best softwares like Talend, Tableau, etc.

To sum it up

These days, smartphone applications are at the heart of most companies’ digital marketing initiatives. Furthermore, using big data technologies to improve user experience by taking into consideration all elements of app usage allow a firm to stand out from the crowd and be recognized by its target audience.

As a result,using big data to design mobile apps boosts app exposure and attracts more users. Isn’t it what every business desires as it tries to build a name for itself in this highly competitive era of internet businesses? We made a big name for ourselves when it comes to app development services in India. We know we provide the best and will keep giving our best to meet clients’ requirements. So, Visit Us! Once in a while, if you want to see your business on the top.

Data Management and Analytics

What benefits you can get with Complere InfoSystem?

Companies that remain competitive are those that use the most relevant business strategies, apply new resources and follow the practices of competitors. Among the current tactics is data management and analysis, which is carried out through organizational solutions. This is a requirement of the market, which is much disputed nowadays.

Know what strategic data management is

Strategic management is the technique used by managers to manage a company’s resources to achieve goals and achieve expected results. These business management professionals need to focus their tactics across the organization, know their purpose, set goals, and understand the context in which the venture is involved.

Understand the importance of strategic company data management

The strategic management of the company’s data is very important; as it is through it that the leaders’ decisions are taken in the right way. Real, up-to-date information is relevant to the intuition of professionals who strive to eliminate mistakes and make effective investments. With them, the business planning that includes partners and customers is carried out.

Learn how data analysis can contribute to strategic management

Data analysis contributes to the generation of better results because it offers a systemic view of the business and the market. It generates advantages such as brand recognition in the market, identification of challenges and opportunities, knowledge of customer needs and desires, process optimization, among others that are listed below.

Improve knowledge

Strategic data management helps managers to get to know customers better, to know what their desires and preferences are. Consequently, professionals create appropriate strategies and direct them to consumers to achieve better sales results. Actions generate positive impacts, as they are not based only on appearances.

Provide predictability

Predictability becomes present due to the predictive capacity of technological solutions used for data processing. In this way, managers are more confident in their decisions and projects, in addition to not being surprised by the emergence of new technologies or crises that cause irreparable damage to the business.

Better results

Companies’ results improve with the strategic management of data, which generates countless benefits, increases profitability and sales, optimizes campaigns, captures and retains customers, for example. Analytics brings great opportunities, reduces the difficulties of interpreting information and generates valuable insights for managers.

Complere Infosystem is the best companion for your business growth. We at Complere Infosystem, provide you the best solutions for data management and digital transformation. With the help of a team of tech-niche experts, we stand out at the top of App Development, Data Integration, Security, Salesforce Consulting, Data Visualization, Web Development, Data Management and Analytics. For any individual business growth, we provide an integrated data solution. Since 2016, we have been providing 100% satisfaction and guaranteed results to our loyal clients and looking forward to take this league to another level.

High Quality Services

There is a limit to how many companies we can help. Only clientele who share our beliefs are considered. This is a huge duty that we take very seriously, and we take it extremely seriously. To service a company well, you need teamwork and a commitment to good communication, excellence, and best practices in the sector. We don’t pursue an opportunity if we can’t execute it well because of value discrepancies.

App Development

How do we deal with new App Development projects?

On average, 80% of people’s time in general is spent on mobile internet. So, to compete for that time, and create a successful app it takes more than a brilliant idea to attract people.

The Android application development is a major challenge. Several digital resources are needed to map the initial idea of ​​the app to its concept. Factors such as operating platform, user interface, app purpose, audience, role, and design are all part of building an app.

The application creation process may seem a little complex, but by following the steps we’ve prepared in detail in this article, you’ll be able to do this a little more easily.

Android app development requires a lot of prior analysis and research. This will prevent future problems and make you more aware of the processes you will have to carry out. So, as much as you want to go for execution immediately, it is, economically even, more advantageous for your business to follow these steps.

When you hire a professional Android App Development Agency such as ComplereInfoSystem for the development of your application, you are assured that will have an application fully customized, individual and unique, plus the application is yours, you pay for the development of this application and also receives a complete training on how to manage the contents of your app. But of course an application cannot remain static; it must follow changes and market trends, so our team is always in contact so that we can develop improvements in your application and make it always attractive and interesting for yours.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

Much is speculated about how much it costs to develop an application, but in fact there is no standard formula, or a price list for Android application development, as it is usually about specific projects and that also bring specific demands.

How do you calculate the cost of developing an application?

The cost of developing an application is based on the number of hours it will take to complete the project, the number of people that will be involved, the types of functionality the application intends to provide, and the level of complexity to be committed. Our teams have extensive experience in developing applications on demand, and will always have suggestions for features and improvements for your project, always seeking to contribute clearly, directly and based on a lot of information and skill.

We are the agency that will develop your app!

Get in touch with ComplereInfoSystem and discover the best agency for Android application development. In India we have been developing applications for a long time, we produce applications for the most diverse areas and market segments. Schedule a meeting with one of our consultants and learn about the experience of hiring the best android app development service in India. Our work is focused on serving our customers, keeping them always informed and feeling part of their project, our service team has extreme skill in transmitting information in a simple and direct way, and our technical team brings together what’s needed. Best in the entire geek universe and together with our team of designers focused on art and concepts, ensure that your application development is a successful project and that it always brings prosperity to your business through technology tools

iOS app development service in India

Why most businesses invest in iOS app development?

Mobile applications play a major role in altering multiple sectors in our technological environment. In order to enhance their commercial reach, the majority of companies spend on development of the iOS app. But we can tell you what profit it can bring to your enterprise, if you leave to operate your startup and have decided to go with the iOS platform.

Statistics of the users of the application:

Most high-end consumers spend on iPhone devices, and with the recent released figures are increasing continuously. There is also a huge demand for iPhone apps because companies do not have to ignore this group of likely buyers. This is the basis for iPhone app development as an essential component of its service portfolio.

Revenue Model:

A mobile monetization strategy is vital for every startup. Apple has an effective method for monetization. It’s a busy platform that supports pay-per-view commercials. Either the majority of apps are paid for or (when free) with the buying aspects of the iPhone app.

A Sheltered Marketplace:

iOS app development service in India provides guidance for the design, marketing and programming of products. In addition to its quality control techniques and strong laws, it has an extremely safe market. These approaches offer programmers with a positive and constant environment.


Apple puts additional focus on the safety of its platform when it comes to security. There are some apps that have reactive user information that must be fully safeguarded against hackers and threats. And for all its applications Apple is following a difficult and tight approval procedure.

In order to prevent malicious apps from apps store information and manipulating sensitive data from users. This is also the case that a primary sector where start-ups do not want to compromise the safety of the app can lead to their loss of revenue.

Superior IOS Application User Experience:

The major element of their corporate strategy is to provide exceptional user experience for every company. And Apple offers every user with its excellent technology advancements a certain experience. It focuses the user experiences at the forefront of the whole process, be it hardware design, OS for their marketplace services or whatever Apple does. And that is the foundation for today’s prosperity.

The software and the software system of Apple’s products are fully controlled. It not only releases its devices but also syncs them with the release of its iOS goods, which lead to fewer issues in the iOS app development service in India.

Loyal Audience:

The reliability of the audience plays a significant influence in a brand’s success. For their brand dedication, Apple customers are renowned. You’re not likely to switch to other android platforms. These are the aims of app starters to make their brands successful and profitable by their audience.

These are some elements that make iOS the favorite among business people. The statistics above illustrate also that the benefits of developing iOS applications on the iOS platform can be achieved in a broad market. You may certainly now decide which platform can provide more exposure with full safety and stability.

At ComplereInfosystem, we provide the best iOS app development service in India. If you know more about the services contact us and get a free quote.

android app development service in India

Five reasons for your company to invest in mobile apps

A lot is heard and talked about modernization, internet, connection, etc. And a big question for many entrepreneurs is whether it’s worth investing in mobile apps.

In this article, we will address exactly that, understanding the importance and relevance of technologies that improve our business concept and increase intuitive communication with our customers, something that is really worth knowing and understanding!

Mobile apps have become indispensable in people’s lives. For businesses, it’s no different: knowing the reasons for investing in mobile apps can have several benefits. In addition to expanding the options for the consumer, it also helps to strengthen the brand.

Despite this, many entrepreneurs still neglect the importance of such tools. So that you don’t fall behind the competition, we have an article covering just that. Five reasons for your company to invest in mobile apps especially android app development service in India – thus bringing something unique to your business.

Investing money in fixed or variable income without leaving home is possible with financial application apps. They let you track trades and yields right at your fingertips, and some even provide information to learn more about investing.

1. Greater involvement and knowledge of the profile and behavior of users

The practicality of the applications allows for greater proximity and involvement of customers with companies or even employees with companies (in this case and applications for internal use), since access is simpler and faster.

Furthermore, through it, it is easier to monitor user behavior and offer products, services and solutions that are more attractive to their profile.

2.  More agility and efficiency in what the App proposes

If the business is sales and retail, for example, the application already provides the freight quote, shows the update of the delivery status, speeds up the filling out of digital records and allows the exchange of messages with faster responses.

Unlike websites and digital platforms, applications, when well structured, are easier, more intuitive and simple to use. In this way, it is possible for a wide range of potential consumers to know your product/service.

With just one click, the person accesses your app. In addition, the fact that it is installed on the users’ mobile device allows them to have their company as a reference – simply accessing the application when they need their business.

3. Improvements in processes or steps 

One of the main benefits of the applications is to offer greater control over processes, with access to information and optimization in product collection and delivery operations. A good application also needs to facilitate the users’ routine, this should be the essential basis of its construction.

4.  Direct communication channel

A good app facilitates communication with the consumer, as it offers a connection and an experience superior to those of websites. In addition, it makes it possible to send notifications, for example, which helps to increase the app’s open rate by attracting the interest of customers.

5. Greater control and monitoring of performance with reports and dashboard

Another advantage of having an app is that it can automatically generate reports and dashboards for daily performance measurement. In addition, the system can also be created to facilitate some internal company process, such as inventory control, financial management, organization of demands, employee evaluation, distance learning, etc.

iOS app development service in India

Is Hybrid App Development right for your Business?

The decision between developing a hybrid app versus developing a Native app is significant for the life of the app and it is almost impossible to go back after making the decision. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s get some order.

The most significant advantage is of course that in a hybrid application you can write code once and use it on both the iOS system and the Android system. Compared to the Native app where it is necessary to develop 2 separate apps, one for each operating system.

The decision between them depends on the infrastructure on which the application will be developed, on the basis of this decision the developers will be recruited with the appropriate skills. Every project in its infancy has a budget and a small margin of error therefore, a wrong choice in the way the app is developed can jeopardize the whole project. For this, we are here to explain and help in this important decision.

Hybrid app – let’s talk about it.

So as we have already said, a hybrid application is developed by an innovative platform that enables the development of a single core code by WEB languages ​​for example: Java Script, CSS3, HTML5. Development on a browser in programming languages ​​familiar to almost everyone is designed to “bypass” the adaptation to any operating system. That is, developers are required to develop only one application, one language, for all operating systems. How does this contribute to you? Saving time, saving resources, simple dealing with a single factor.

Is a hybrid app right for me?

There are many parameters that need to be considered in deciding what type of app to develop. This decision has a huge impact on the development time, costs and lifecycle of the app. To facilitate the process first, you need to formulate the purpose of the app, its target audience, business objectives and technological requirements. Then, ask yourself, what is your budget? What is the level of urgency of launching the app? Does the app require heavy and complicated processing?

If your app mainly provides content of various types and does not include particularly complicated graphics and animations, a hybrid app is the solution for you!

You have decided to develop your application in a hybrid way – what is the next step?

The first step is to ask yourself, what needs does the app meet? Who is it for? For end customers or business owners? Or maybe both. In order to answer all these questions you must consult from the best app development service providers and why not us? We will get to know and ask all the right questions, at the end of the conversation you will know exactly which application you want to develop and how we can help you. The next step is the start-up conversation, the beginning of our joint process together, we will introduce you to all the factors involved in the project and we will get to know you more in depth, we will present the project and schedules, it is your time to recruit all people involved. If you want to target both smartphone users and designed your app according to iOS devices then as the best iOS app development service in India, we assure you that the effort will pay off and in a few months you will have an invested and professional app.

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Atlassian Bitbucket To AWS CodeCommit Using Bitbucket Pipelines

Hello everyone,

Today we going to learn about how we can sync the data from the bitbucket to the AWS CodeCommit .There can be cases we will be using Bitbucket from long time and now we have to shift ourself to the CodeCommit .So we will need to replicate our commits done till date in the bitbucket and will also need to do the sync on timely basis.To achieve our goal bitbucket pipeline will help us with it .Lets see how we can do it .

Short Description on steps we will be following

  • Creating a new and empty CodeCommit Repository where we are going to sync the data of the bitbucket repository
  • Creation of IAM Group which will have the access permissions which will allow us to commit the changes in the Codecommit repository
  • Creation of IAM  User through which we will commit the changes from the bitbucket to the CodeCommit
  • Creation of SSH Keys and adding in the Security Credentials of the user
  • Configure Bitbucket Pipelines which will help us to create the replication from the bitbucket repository to the CodeCommit and which will be helpful to maintain the sync on timely basis.


  • Creation of CodeCommit RepositoryFirst we will create an empty repository by selecting the region where we want the CodeCommit repository to be .Following will be the steps to create a new repository
    • We will create an empty repository to commit the changes from Bitbucket
    • Open up AWS CodeCommit and select your region
    • Once you’ve created a repository, select the repository, click the “Connect” button, and choose the SSH option which we’ll be using later on, this is where you’ll find your connection information, and some instructions that you can refer back to later.

Creation of IAM Group

Here we will need to have the Permission to the user for the CodeCommit to commit the changes

  • Create a new IAM CodeCommit-Contributor
  • Assign the AWSCodeCommitPowerUser policy to this group

Creation of IAM  User

We will create a new user which will be helpful for us to get the data from the bitbucket to the CodeCommit

  • Create a new IAM user with a login of Bitbucket-User
  • assign the CodeCommit-Contributor group to it.
  • After creation we will add the SSH public key to the user which we will do below

Creation of SSH Keys and adding in the Security Credentials of the user

Access to CodeCommit repositories is provided by associating credentials or keys. In this case, we’re going to use SSH and generate public and private keys for use with the IAM user and Bitbucket Pipeline service.

To generate a new private and public key (Windows users, YMMV), we’ll open terminal and execute the following. We’re not going to provide a password here, just hit return when it asks.

To generate a new private and public key (Windows users, YMMV), we’ll open terminal and execute the following. We’re not going to provide a password here, just hit return when it asks.

ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa

  • This will generate 2 files, ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa, which is the private key and ~/.ssh/, which is the public key. Copy your public key to your clipboard:
pbcopy < ~/.ssh/
or we can do is
sudo cat ~/.ssh/ and copy the contents in the clipboard
  • Open your IAM Bitbucket-User, and under “Security credentials”, click Upload SSH Key under “SSH keys for AWS CodeCommit”, and paste in your public key.
  • Once your public key is created, there will be an SSH key ID associated with it.
  • This will be used as your CodeCommit username when accessing repositories.

Set up Git and validate your connection

Let’s test the connection at this point to confirm that you’ve correctly associated your new key with the user, as well as validated that the user has the correct privileges in the CodeCommit profile assigned to the group. We’re going to use this same configuration later on with Bitbucket Pipelines, so keep it handy.

  • Create your ~/.ssh/config, and associate your IAM user’s SSH key ID and new private key with the CodeCommit hosts.Write the below details in the config file which we will create
Host git-codecommit.*
  User Your-IAM-SSH-Key-ID-Here [which is created in Security credentials when we uploaded the SSH key in iam user]
  IdentityFile ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa
  • Now we will initialize the connection as below

The authenticity of host ‘ (’ can’t be established.

RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:XXX/XXXXXX.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes

Warning: Permanently added ‘,’ (RSA) to the list of known hosts.

We should get the below response :

  • You have successfully authenticated over SSH. You can use Git to interact with AWS CodeCommit. Interactive shells are not supported.Connection to by remote host.

Configure Bitbucket Pipelines

  • In order to use Bitbucket Pipelines, it needs to be enabled for the repository first. Under your repository settings, choose Pipelines and enable pipelines in bitbucket.
  • Now Pipelines is enabled, and before configuring that bitbucket-pipelines.yml file, lets initialize some Pipelines environment variables.
  • Under your repository settings, choose Repository Variables under Pipelines. We’re going to create 5 environment variables as below.

Following are the variables we will assign

  • CodeCommitConfig: The base64 encoded version of the SSH config we added to our ~/.ssh/config earlier that specifies the Host, User and IdentityFile.
    • We can create the base64 encoding below
cat ~/.ssh/config | base64 -w 0
  • CodeCommitHost: The host and region of your CodeCommit instance
  • CodeCommitKey: The base64 encoded version of your SSH private key that we generated (node that it’s hidden and encrypted in the above screenshot because Secured was selected, make sure you do this as well).We can create base4 encoding like
cat ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa | base64 -w 0
  • CodeCommitRepo: The host, region and repository path of your repository.
  • CodeCommitUser: The SSH key ID associated with the public key on your AWS IAM user.[This is the SSH keyID which we will get in the Security Credentials in the IAM]
  • Lets create that bitbucket-pipelines.yml file, either add it using your favourite editor, or click “Configure bitbucket-pipelines.yml” and edit it directly on
    – step:
          – echo $CodeCommitKey > ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa.tmp
          – base64 -d ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa.tmp > ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa
          – chmod 400 ~/.ssh/codecommit_rsa
          – echo $CodeCommitConfig > ~/.ssh/config.tmp
          – base64 -d  ~/.ssh/config.tmp > ~/.ssh/config
          – set +e
          – ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no $CodeCommitHost
          – set -e
          – git remote add codecommit ssh://$CodeCommitRepo
          – git push codecommit $BITBUCKET_BRANCH
  • Below is the details of the pipeline script which we have created
  • Creates temporary files for $CodeCommitKey and $CodeCommitConfig then decodes them into place.
  • Adjusts the permissions on your primary key (some SSH clients require more secure privileges on this file)
  • Initializes the SSH connection to the CodeCommit host. It’s worth noting here that this command will “appear to fail”, so we need to disable error checking (set +e) on this script and let it fail silently and then re-enable error checking (set -e). -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no will prevent the service from needing to manually accept the remote host.
  • Add the CodeCommit repository as a remote and push the current ($BITBUCKET_BRANCH) branch


  • We will also require CodeCommit Repository as empty everytime
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Serverless Lambda Function For Talend Jobs

Learning about Talend and AWS is always fun and the way it is interacted is also full of fun. In this post we will see how run the talend job by deploying them in lambda function and run the lambda function using Serverless framework.

Lets get started with the prerequisites which are very important to start the topic:


Installation of Node JS :

Lets Download the Node JS binaries from ( site and install.
Node JS installation will install both node JS runtime and npm (node package manager)
NPM is used to install packages.

For linux we have to use command as


yum install-y gcc-c++make
curl -sL |sudo-Ebash
yum install nodejs
node -v

For windows we have to install like :

Installation of Apache Maven:

As we are done with the Nodejs installation we will start with apache maven

Following are the ways how we can install apache maven :

In Windows :

  • Go to the link : unzip it and add the bin path to the environment variables like :
    • PATH=C:\apache-maven-3.6.0-bin\apache-maven-3.6.0\bin
    • We can verify if it is installed by checking mvn -version [Which will give us the version of the maven which is installed.]

In Linux :

  • wget
  • Run the wget command from the dir you want to extract maven too.
  • run the following to extract the tar,
    tar xvf apache-maven-3.0.5-bin.tar.gz
  • move maven to /usr/local/apache-maven
    mv apache-maven-3.0.5  /usr/local/apache-maven
  • Next add the env variables to your ~/.bashrc fileexport M2_HOME=/usr/local/apache-maven
    export M2=$M2_HOME/bin
    export PATH=$M2:$PATH
  • Execute these commands
    source ~/.bashrc
  • Verify everything is working with the following commandmvn -version

Installation of Oracle JDK

Serverless configuration

We will need to install serverless and add our credentials in config which will help us to connect with the aws

  1. Run the below command to install Serverless globallyserverless-stack-output is a plugin, aws-sdk is used to call Batch jobs and to install other dependencies using npm installnpm install -g serverlessnpm install
  2. serverless config credentials
sudo serverless config credentials –provider aws –key <ACCESS_KEY> –secret <SECRET_KEY>

Serverless installation of the AWS Lambda function

This will create an AWS Lambda function for the talend job using the serverless.

  • First we will make empty directory named as : serverless-lambda-talendjobname
  • Now in Visual code we will browse to the folder as cd serverless-lambda-talendjobname
  • Now we will create a serverless java maven template as
     serverless create –template aws-java-maven
  • Now we have to install the talend related directories for that we have one zip attached as Supporting_Talend_Jobs_For Serverless
  • This zip will help us to install all the lib files and will also generate the pom.xml for us which we can use it for the serverless_Project.
  • Following will be the generic folder structure which we will follow :
  • Following are the details of all the folders and zips present in the above image
    • serverless_project : We can give the generic name to the serverless_project which will be parent directory and where we will place all the related folders and zips .
    • code : This will contain the serverless code which we will install and deploy
    • lib : This will contain all the libs which are present and which needs to do mvn install
    • Supporting_Talend_Job_For_Serverless : This is the attached zip which is used to install the libs of the talend projects
    • TalendProject : This is the talend project for which we have to create the lambda function
  •  Working Procedure of Supporting_Talend_Job_For_Serverless :
    • 1st we have to unzip the Supporting_Talend_Job_For_Serverless and also unzip the TalendProject
    • TalendProject have jars at 2 places :
      1. TalendProject\lib
      2. TalendProject\TalendProject\lib
      3. We will place this jars in the lib folder which is shown in above image
    • Then we will run the bat file present in the directory D:\serverless_project\Supporting_Talend_Job_For_Serverless_0.1\Supporting_Talend_Job_For_Serverless\Supporting_Talend_Job_For_Serverless_run.bat which will do all the installation of the jars and also will generate the pom.xml file named as pom_generated_by_talend.xml
  • We will now replace the pom.xml file created in the code directory from the template to the one which is generated by talend
  • We will change the as per the code like below
public ApiGatewayResponse handleRequest(Map<String, Object> input, Context context) {“received: {}”, input);
        testproject.newjob_0_1.newjob t2 = new testproject.newjob_0_1.newjob();
        String[] context2 ={};
        Response responseBody = new Response(“Success”,input);
        return ApiGatewayResponse.builder()
            .setHeaders(Collections.singletonMap(“X-Powered-By”, “AWS Lambda & serverless”))

Now we will try to install the dependencies as :

mvn clean install

When the build will be success we will deploy the sls as :

sls deploy

We can now check the function by invoking it as :

serverless invoke –function <functionname> -l

And we are done if we get any error then we can check the above steps .

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ETL With Airflow

Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.

We use airflow to author workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks. The airflow scheduler executes your tasks on an array of workers while following the specified dependencies, we have heard about airflow but we never knew how to get it working for the talend jobs and it will be very easy as we will have the UI for scheduling and monitoring the working flow of the talend jobs.

Lets check our To Do to achieve the goal

  1. Launching the instance of the Ec2 : We will be launching the ubuntu server for the installation of the airflow and also for copying the talend jobs in the server
  2. Installing Airflow in Ec2 instance : We will follow the steps for the installation of the airflow and get the webserver of the airflow working
  3. Adding of the talend job and creating DAGs file

Launching an ec2 instance in aws.

We will launch ubuntu 16.04 instance for airflow

Adding of Airflow in Ubuntu Server

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