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Salesforce Migration

Sales Force Migration

Sales force migration

Brief Introduction of the Project

What were the Key- focused areas of the project- Salesforce Migration?

As the project was mainly dedicated to managing data and sales API Development, we were putting full efforts for the success of following key-focused areas:

  1. Data Management: Our team was focused on managing financial data which contained loan details, customer information, credit data and more.
  2. Salesforce API Development: Designing and implementing salesforce API was our other key focus in this project. All that was required to provide finance-related solutions, for example- tracking loan applicants.

What challenges did Complere face while handling the project?

What were the challenges faced by the client's company? (specify the challenges they face and need to hire Complere)

What was the scope of engagement during the project?

First, they shared the source template in the form of excel files then we did the mapping between the source and Target using Excel. After finalizing the mapping, we created the ETL jobs in Talend by following the standard rules, which included establishing the source connection. Then Complere’s team applied the necessary transformations and filtrations on the source data and at last loaded the transformed data into the Target. So, the entire project was so engaging meanwhile below were main scopes of engagement during Salesforce Migration

  1. Source Data Collection: The project of Salesforce Migration began with the collection of financial data in the form of Excel files, provided by the client. So, Collection of large and unmanaged data in form of excel was automatically alerted us with an engagement.
  2. Data Mapping: The send scope for engagement was to carry out a comprehensive mapping between the source (Excel files) and the target (Salesforce API) using Excel. Also, we were responsible for ensuring the exact alignment of data for the transformation.
  3. ETL Job Creation: Talend is a powerful tool, and our team was engaged with this tool during the project. We had to design and implement ETL in Talend.
  4. Source Connection: The next scope of engagement was establishing source connections to the financial data stored in Excel.
  5. Data Transformation: Afterward we enjoyed the engagement in necessary transformations and filtrations.
  6. Data Loading: After the transformation of data, we were responsible for loading the transformed data into the Salesforce.

What solutions did Complere provide which benefited them in many ways?

Before consulting with Complere Infosystem they were facing troubling challenges. But the team of Complere gave an excellent performance. Our hard work, dedication, and excellence resolved all issues. The solutions we provided, benefitted them in many ways, such as:

  1. Free and much efficient tool selection: Complere suggested them to go with Talend for ETL processes for this project. As the tool was free to use so this idea saved their cost, and the efficiency of tool gave them excellent performance.
  2. Logics that allow other pipelines: We have created such ETL jobs where we implemented some useful logic that can be used in other pipelines as well to make the work faster. They need to put least effort into future requirements for changes. So, it was a one-time solution for even for their future requirements as well.


The Salesforce Migration project was undertaken by Complere Infosystem based on their power of innovation and efficient data management. The task was quite challenging and engaging. Understanding complex APIs to create STG-TGT mapping and meanwhile identifying unique records even when there were no identifiers was a tough job. But the way Complere handled all challenges and provided beneficial solutions is highly appreciable. They helped them in smooth data management and customer outreach by successfully completing the project Salesforce migration in the most budget friendly manner.

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