Why is AWS the backbone of the internet? 


Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s a cloud services provider that offers many services on the internet like servers, storage, networking, remote computing, email, and security. In simple words, AWS is like the operating system of the internet. Many giant companies use AWS services for storage and server purposes. Like Netflix using AWS for storing and streaming purposes, you’ll get related suggestions on screen because of AWS machine learning.  

In 2003, AWS started offering essential cloud storage services and tools. Now empower blockchain, machine learning, VR, and other technologies.  

Today, AWS captured 31% of the cloud market cap. It means one-third of the internet is running on AWS.  

And there are several reasons why AWS is so big and has become the backbone of the internet. So, let’s see some points in detail about AWS. 

Global Infrastructure

AWS Global infrastructure with 81 availability zones and 25 geographic regions. AWS also announced 21 more availability zones and seven more areas in seven countries, i.e., India, Australia, Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Indonesia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

AWS is a leader in cloud infrastructure and platform services. 


AWS helps you to handle the cost of building applications by spending effectively. Of course, it would help if you optimized your spending and scaling budgets, and for this, AWS is the best service provider. It’s cost-effective because you can get the performance and capacity, you’re looking for by spending effectively. That’s why using AWS can help you to manage your finances effectively.  

31% of the Cloud Market Cap 

AWS is the most popular web service provider in the cloud infrastructure market. And as per continuous growth, AWS captured 31% of the entire market. Where Microsoft Azure capture 21% of market shares and Google capture eight percent, AWS provides more than 200+ services and is known as the backbone of the internet. 

AWS has 200+ Services 

Amazon Web services (AWS) is the leading platform that provides cloud services to many big companies and markets. In 2021, AWS Provided 200+ services and products in 25 categories globally. And these services are available for growing startups, enterprises, government agencies, or giant companies.  

Some of the best services of AWS are – Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, Amazon S3, Amazon Lambda, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Glacier, Amazon SNS, Amazon EBS, and hundreds of services available.

Security feature to Control Traffic at Granular Level 

The unique feature that made AWS away from the crowd AWS is: 

  • Secured Network Architecture
  • Secure Access Point
  • Transmission Protection
  • Amazon Corporate Segregation
  • Fault-Tolerant Design
  • Network Monitoring and Protection

These are some main points that make AWS stand out from the crowd. In addition, AWS can grant granular access to different administrative instances and enable you to do additional security through the separation of duties to control traffic.    

Final Verdict 

After reading this article, we hope you understand the importance of AWS and why AWS is the backbone of the internet. In this article, we’ve covered in-depth details about AWS and all you need to know about AWS and its importance.