Which business intelligence tool should you use for your organization? 


In business intelligence, if you’re looking for a tool for your organization, you must hear about both these tools, i.e., Tableau and Power BI. 

Because both tools are widely popular and known for their benefits and unique features, the tableau is Business intelligence and data analytics tool that flexibly helps you generate reports and data visualization. Power BI is a data analysis tool that helps to analyze your business and give you insights from it. 

If you’re looking for an in-depth comparison between both tools, then you’re reading the right article because we’ve covered in-depth details about both tools – their features, uniqueness, and pricing plans. In the end, we’ll discuss which tool is best for your organization? 

Without wasting a second, let’s Begin! 

First, we’ll discuss both tools, and then we’ll make a detailed comparison for you, and after reading this article, you’ll pick the best one.   

What is Tableau? 

It’s a data visualization tool that helps organizations to showcase data in a readable manner. Tableau is mainly used for business intelligence. However, many organizations use tableau. The reason is simple; it gives you an easy-to-read format, worksheet, and complete dashboard to see the data comes with a professional level of looking. 

What is Power BI? 

As per name implies, it’s a business intelligence and data visualization tool that mainly focuses on converting data into a very easy-to-read format. MicroSD Power BI is a professional tool that showcases data with a clean, simple, and easy-to-understand interface. It also comes with Adhoc report generation to analyze data.   

Now it’s time to see the comparison between both tools and find out which one is best for you? 

If you’re looking for a business intelligence tool, then having this feature is a must-have tool, and you should make decisions based on this feature. Whatever the tool you’ve picked, please make sure its source connectivity is possible.  



Power BI 

#1 Data Connectors 

●    Tableau support numerous data Connectors 


●    Power BI has limited connectivity to sources. 


#2 Volume of Data 


●    Tableau can easily handle a large amount of data with better performance. 


● But Power BI can handle a limited amount of data. 


#3 Pricing 


Tableau pricing is relatively higher than Power BI tools.  

●    Tableau comes with three pricing plans, i.e., Tableau Creator that costs $70/month, Tableau Explorer that costs $35/month, and Tableau Viewer $12/month.  





  ●  Power BI comes with two pricing Plans, i.e., the Pro plan that costs $9.99/month and the Premium plan that costs $4,995 per dedicated cloud computing with storage space annually. 


#4 Customers Support 


●    Tableau comes with better customer support. 


●    Power BI comes with limited customer support.  


#5 Embedding of Reports 


● In the tableau, it’s pretty complex or challenging. 


● In Power BI, the Embedding of Reports is Easy.  


Tableau Vs. Power BI: Comparison 


Power BI 

  1.Tableau comes with no limitations 


1.Power BI can’t import file sizes larger than 1GB 


 2. It doesn’t maintain any versions 


2.In Power BI, you didn’t face any issues 


 3. For medium and large enterprises, the tableau is the best match 


3.Power BI is more suitable for small, medium, and extensive enterprise 


 We’ve compared both tools’ benefits in this table, and now it’s your turn to find out which tool is best for your organization.  

Final Verdict 

After reading this article, we hope you know exactly which tool is best for your organization to fulfill your requirements. Both tools come with their features and benefits, and you need to find out which gives you more benefits. In this article, we’ve discussed their features, pricing, and now it’s your turn to pick the best tool as per your requirements.