4 Essentials for your Project Handover

What is the Project Handover Process?

The Project Handover process aims to hand over a project to a new manager or a team to ensure it is completed in time. Or it can also happen between an organization and the client.

A project handover can seem simple enough. But, to be honest, the transition is done gradually with keeping every detail in mind.

Here we’ll discuss 4 essential steps that need to be done to make the process easier for everyone involved. 


Project Documentation

It is imperative to provide all the related documents during your handover session. Then, the other party, maybe a person or a team, is equipped with credentials for the accounts, which allow them to export the information they need. Can be used services like Jira, Confluence, and Google Drive for this purpose. 

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer means sharing or disseminating knowledge and also providing inputs to problem-solving. 
During the process of handover, knowledge transfer can take place via multiple means. While face-to-face communication, such as over an online meeting or in real life, is the most common, other means such as video guides, handbooks, resource lists, and sharing details regarding previous obstacles and their affiliated solutions help the process go with ease. 
Also, organizing a series of knowledge-sharing sessions can be helpful. It will create a more effective communication environment and allow for doubts and clarifications on both sides. 

Code-Base Ownership 

Codebase ownership is where a person in an organization owns a codebase. It means that that person is responsible for the whole system. Only that individual is accountable for making changes to the code.  
Unless the codebase ownership is transferred owned by someone else, nobody else can access it.  
So during the Project Handover sessions, it is essential to Transfer the codebase ownership. If the other party already owns the codebase, you can skip this step. Otherwise, make sure they access it via Git or send it as a zip archive. So sites such as GitHub can be helpful for this. 

Accounts and credentials 

Send the complete list of 3rd party services and tools, e.g., Amazon Redshift or Snowflake Database, Google Play or App Store, mailing service apps, SSL certificate files, etc. Also, don’t forget to include links and other credentials so that the other team can log in. 
Provide access to their email address and make them the admin for all accounts. 
For example, in Snowflake, admins can perform all user-related tasks, including changing login credentials and defaults for users by using SQL. 


The project handover process is very cardinal in the life cycle because it may make or break a project’s prosperity.  
As said earlier, while transferring to new project managers, don’t rush the transition process. Instead, make sure it is happening gradually so that it doesn’t even feel like its happening. 
The handover process will run more smoothly by following the mentioned steps even when new project managers take over. You shall also minimize stress and missing deadlines.