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Data Analytics

Make your data strategy better by design, implementing, or improving it

By moving your platform to the cloud, a plethora of new opportunities will become available. To assist you in achieving your objectives, the cloud may offer virtually endless capabilities and resources, ranging from flexible scaling and cost optimization to quicker time-to-market, increased consumer reach, and more effective data analysis. 

Our professionals can assist you with a full or partial migration to the cloud, or they can help you start from scratch and create a cloud-based infrastructure, depending on your needs. Analytic and data architecture independent of the cloud. Take your data and analytic architecture a step further and adopt a cloud-neutral strategy. It will avoid vendor lock-in and give you more security and flexibility as you build up your infrastructure.

Create an effective platform that democratizes data and analytics to transform your company into a data-driven organization. Your firm can improve overall results with our data analytics solution, and it can also help you identify new prospects for your company. 

Increase the efficiency and precision of data collection and analysis by integrating clever machine learning algorithms into your infrastructure. You may cut down on manual labor requirements, get rid of errors, and free up time for your teams thanks to its superior automation capabilities. 

We have expertise in data science and machine learning as part of our analytics services, which creates new possibilities for using your data. 

  • In order to effectively predict equipment breakdown, ML&AI models can automatically identify irregularities in your operations. By doing so, you may address problems before they arise, which saves money and improves the quality of the services you offer. 
  • Numerous monotonous processes that used to be carried out manually can be optimized and automated with solutions that identify and respond to photos or video. 
  • By automating the processing and analysis of such data, NLP models can assist you in gaining insight from natural language data. 

Obtain access to the greatest data specialists worldwide. To meet all of your data needs and guarantee a quicker time to market for secure and dependable solutions, Complere teams employ the Agile methodology, where development and testing work hand in hand. We can scale your current workforce by adding more tech know-how and development capability. 

  • Get a team of professionals to evaluate your company's needs, create the best solution, and handle all aspects of development. 
  • Assign a portion of the project development to a self-sufficient team that will be included in your delivery pipeline. 
  • With the help of seasoned data professionals, strengthen the internal team's development capabilities. 

Strategy development for data and analytics

Defining the scope and goals of the project; Data-driven design; Keeping your goals and vision in mind; Developing a joint data governance framework; Risk mitigation; Increasing investment returns; Keeping development costs low; Providing a user-friendly experience; Engaging in-house specialists throughout the strategy design process.

Analyzing and consulting on data and analytics strategy

Developing the vision for the final product; Establishing a roadmap, timeline, and milestones for the project; Estimating and decomposing the functional components; Defining the size, composition, and tech stack of the team; Organizing operations and support; Creating an estimate of costs; Audit of architecture, infrastructure, and data; Assessment of applications.

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Data Warehouse Consultancy

Develop a strong data warehouse, move it to the cloud, or create with a dependable partner by your side, a difficult data solution. 

Our Services

Data Warehouse Design / Research

You can count on our team to work with you to develop a solid data warehouse strategy, select the finest data warehouse model, and construct a prototype.

Data Warehouse Migration

Your DWH will be moved to the cloud, expanded, and its performance and expenses will be optimized with the aid of our experts.

Data Warehouse Support

From data source integration to complete data process automation, we provide the full DWH development lifecycle.

Data Warehouse Optimization

We will make minor tweaks, SLA-covered changes, and provide general support for your DWH.

How It Works ?...


In this phase, we'll investigate an existing ecosystem that includes: 

  • Determining the vision and goals of the stakeholders 
  • An examination of the environment and current systems 
  • Evaluating the scalability and present capability 
  • Building a foundation for risk management. 


To assist you evaluate your idea, select a tech stack, determine ROI, and create a workable prototype, we provide a discovery phase as a service. 

  • Defining the business requirements of the client 
  • Examination of current publications and ML models
  • Review and documentation of the current data connectors and sources
  • The team's makeup and an estimate of the project's costs. 
  • Analysis of the quality of the data 
  • Extensive metric analysis 
  • Data warehouse's logical layout 
  • Designing ETL architecture logically 
  • Offering a variety of solutions using various tech stacks 
  • Creation of a prototype. 


Our specialists will construct a reliable data warehouse based on your requirements and preferred tech stack. A few of the steps will be: 

  • Database and schema physical design 
  • Combining data from many sources
  • Creation of ETL procedures 
  • Data warehouse loading using historical data 
  • Putting data quality measures in place 
  • Data tweaking for automation 
  • Getting DWH stable 


In order to maintain the data warehouse, we will assist you in assembling a committed staff. The assistance will often consist of: 

  • The resolution of SLA problems 
  • Cost reduction for processing and storing 
  • Small improvement 
  • System monitoring 
  • Ongoing cost-savings
  • Support for products and the removal of faults. 

Strategies for Data Analytics

A successful, future-proof data strategy will help you get the most value out of your data. We can assist you whether you need to develop and implement it from scratch or evaluate your current approach.

Formulate a Data Analytics Strategy that is Future-Proof

Get the tools you need to get the most out of your data. Improve internal procedures, make data-driven choices, and convert discoveries into financial gains. 

Create a precise, rule-based strategy for attaining your short- and long-term data goals. We’ll make sure your infrastructure is scalable enough to grow with your company. 

To extract, store, share, and analyze data, make sure the most affordable technologies and services are utilized. 

Implement a data strategy that increases predictability, categorizes data, and creates dependable protection mechanisms to reduce current and future data threats. 

To ensure a quicker and more effective development process, the necessary processes and tech stack are integrated into the data strategy design. 

Create a strategy with clear dependencies, a timeline, and estimations so you can properly plan for the future.

How Complere May Benefit Your Business with Data Strategy Consulting

Improve process visibility, democratize access with a data management approach, provide real-time streaming, and allow for analysis.

Implement systems for smart recommendations and predicting marketing trends, examine buying trends, and enable contextual communication. 

Install dependable cybersecurity and fraud detection systems, and use efficient predictive maintenance to minimize equipment downtime. 

Large-scale data

Unleash the potential of Big Data solutions to streamline your processes, reduce expenses, and get insightful knowledge that will help you accomplish your business objectives.

Access Big Data Services at Complere to Your Benefit

Straighten Out Data Processing

Efficiently gather, process, and analyse huge amounts of unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data. Obtain insightful information to give your company real advantages.

Assign and Improve Costs

To efficiently store and handle massive volumes of data without maintaining costly infrastructure, use a variety of cloud services.

Get Data Storage and Flexible Scaling

With the migration of Big Data to the cloud, you will have access to limitless storage space and the swift scaling up or down of your infrastructure depending on the demands of your project.

Use Smart Data Science Solutions

Take a competitive advantage with ML and AI-powered predictive, behavioral, risk, and other intelligent analytics solutions.

Construct a Solid Big Data Platform from The Ground Up

ETL, DWH, or OLAP Design and Implementation

Extract, convert, and load your data so that it can be examined and used for wise decision-making in a large database.

Use Real -Time or Near Real-Time Analytics

To ensure that your company can successfully adjust to any change, make prompt and precise judgments.

Put Master Data Management in Place

Ensure that all of your enterprise master data assets are consistent, accurate, reliable, and answerable.

Create and Construct Data Lakes or Data Lake Houses

Get a central system to handle all of your structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data processing.

Set Up Data Visualization and Automated Reporting

Get timely delivery of all your data reports and pertinent, graphically enlightening insights.

Authenticate Your Analytics Models

By using cutting-edge analytics techniques like deep learning or predictive modelling, you can create new business prospects.

Implement Smart Solutions Fueled by Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI

Analysis Of Projections

Using sophisticated predictive ML algorithms, position your company for upcoming trends and industry developments.

Assessing and Mitigating Risk

Using learning-based solutions to strengthen cybersecurity and fraud detection can help you improve your risk mitigation skills.

Behavior Analysis of Customers

By examining consumer behavior and providing tailored communication that satisfies their unique demands, businesses may retain and win over more clients.

Preparatory Maintenace

By anticipating probable faults and performing maintenance on time, you can keep your equipment running and reduce downtime.

Competitive Analysis

Complere supports businesses in the development, deployment, and upkeep of secure business intelligence solutions. Our engineers use a full suite of business intelligence technologies and tools to develop scalable and maintainable applications. 

Discover Our Business Intelligence Expertise

Solutions for business intelligence enable organizations to make proactive, data-driven decisions. Specialists in Complere implement complete data warehousing and reporting solutions. We additionally integrate and modify the current BI software to provide our clients with appropriate solutions to their business difficulties. 

At Complere, BI consultants have a wealth of knowledge in data extraction, aggregation, grouping, modelling, and visualization. We use the top BI technologies and our in-depth knowledge of business intelligence to create reports that are compelling and disclose recommendations for global businesses that can be put into action. 

How We Carry Out BI Projects

To improve corporate success, we encourage data-driven decision making. Customers in a variety of industries, including fintech, finance, banking, telecom, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, and more, benefit from comprehensive business intelligence solutions in terms of competitive advantages. 

Over a dozen domain-specific projects were completed by our committed development teams for diverse businesses. We employ a BI platform with six distinct layers: Auditing comes first, followed by staging, extract, transform, and load (ETL), data definition language (DDT), data manipulation language (DML), reporting, and metadata. 

Business analytics and insight from Microsoft

We customize Microsoft business intelligence and analytics products to meet end-user requirements by working directly with clients’ management and technical teams. Our professionals analyze the technological environment and existing data architecture to determine the BI requirements. 


Best of Breed Technologies

Complere partners with leading industrial suppliers to provide customers with complete solutions.
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