Complere Infosystem

How automated reports helps in increasing the productivity?


  • The company had data scattered across different systems or Departments, making it hard to access and share 
  • Managing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes was complex, as the company lacks in-house expertise in handling these processes.
  • ETL pipelines and data integrations required ongoing maintenance and monitoring t ensure they keep working smoothly. 
  • The company had limited resources, including skilled staff and technical infrastructure, which made it challenging to manage the onboarding and meeting timelines effectively. 


  •  Ensured that the project was executed efficiently, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget. 
  • This included coordinating activities, managing resources, and addressing any challenges that emerged during the project. 
  • These solutions collectively facilitated a successful transition to Salesforce CRM for the client’s company, ensuring data accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the migration process, while also enhancing the overall integration and management of data across systems.
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