How Complere promotes healthy competition?


Have you ever wondered why it is vital to promote healthy competition in an organization? Because praise and recognition boost interns/employee morale and help in your personal growth. When healthy competition is done appropriately, workplace competition can be a fantastic source of staff incentive. Can define Healthy competition in a workplace as really pushing people to achieve their goals and enhance their skills through natural competition. Everyone has a chance to win in a healthy competition atmosphere. As a result, everyone gets a chance to perform, and everyone celebrates each other’s wins.

Unlike other hostile competitive workplaces, Complere promotes healthy competition which:

  • Increases excitement
  • Promotes higher performances
  • Enhance skills
  • Maximize productivity

Here are the following ways through which Complere promotes healthy competition and helps its employee to reach the highest level of success:

Rewarding the best performers

Nothing demotivates an employee more than the feeling of not appreciating excellence. Therefore, Complere tries its best to motivate the employees by recognizing their hard work and dedication. Complere believes in rewards and appreciation. Appreciation and recognition boost morale and help in your personal growth. Therefore, the company organizes award functions and awards the best performers with titles like “Shining Star ” and “Rising Star,” which inspires employees and interns to put in more effort to achieve the specific goal and is gaining momentum.

Peer to peer recognition

Often, negative competition affects the team members, creating a rift between the colleagues, which results in the clashing of ideas and work. To prevent this, Complere has established a peer recognition culture that publicly recognizes employees and their hard work.


Team-based activities

Holding team-based activities is an excellent approach to encourage healthy competition in the workplace. Complere organizes team-based activities in which employees can participate in fun challenges. What makes these activities fascinating is that they do not cause any jealousy or anger. Instead, it aims to bring people together, create a bond among them and show a positive sense of competition which encourages you to think more creatively. Competition creates a bond among the team members. What makes Complere unique is that it challenges and cares for every employee.

Giving everyone a chance

Diversity and inclusion are essential factors that promote healthy or harmful competition in a workplace. The main objective of healthy competition is to give every employee a chance to succeed irrespective of their gender, role, or position. Complere allows everyone to create visibility and be successful.

Brainstorming sessions

Complere makes it possible for you to enjoy your travel not just to get to your destination, but also to learn something new. It organizes brainstorming sessions which gives every employee a chance to explain their thoughts, promote their ideas and understand each other’s perspectives. In addition, it is an excellent way of promoting healthy competition as these brainstorming sessions become an open forum to discuss ideas and views of what others have to offer.


Competition is undoubtedly the most crucial factor that contributes to the success of employees and the company. Encouraging healthy competition amongst employees helps them put more effort, work hard and increase their productivity. Complere makes sure to implement a healthy competition in the right way, which creates opportunities for the interns/employees, which is exciting and brings out their creativity, innovation, and companionship.