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Building data pipelines for bulk data migration to salesforce

Building a Data Pipeline for Bulk Data Migration to Salesforce

Building a Data Pipeline For Bulk Data Migration to Salesforce

Project Overview:

The project goal was to migrate bulk data of various objects related to accounts, contacts, insurance, claims, and loans to Salesforce CRM cloud platform. We ensured that data migration is accurate, complete and reliable. Secured data migration helped them with transformed performance and informed decision making. 


The bulk data of accounts, insurance, contracts, claims and more was scattered in an unmanaged way. They required a strong system to provide them with better analytics and reports. Below are some challenges they were facing: 


1. Siloed Data

They had huge amounts of data scattered across different departments and platforms. They were facing trouble accessing, maintaining and sharing that.

2. ETL Complexity

Managing Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes was complex, as their team lacked in-house expertise in handling these processes. So, it was also a challenge to train them along with proving a perfect data migration solution for siloed data. 

3. Maintenance and Monitoring

ETL pipelines and data integrations require ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure smooth processing. So, the maintenance and monitoring were required to be up to date. 

4. Resource Constraints

They had limited resources, including unskilled staff and technically low infrastructure, which made it challenging to manage the onboarding and meeting timelines effectively. 



1. Data Migration

Our data migration specialists used a variety of open-source tools just like Talend Data Integration to migrate the data from their existing systems to Salesforce CRM accurately and efficiently. This helped them to avoid the risk of data loss or corruption and helped them to keep the cost managed. Also, smooth data transaction became easier. 

2. Integration

Our integration specialists worked closely with their IT team to integrate Salesforce CRM with their existing systems. This ensured that their data was synchronized across all of their systems, which improved efficiency and reduced errors. 

3. Data Quality Reports

We implemented data quality reporting mechanisms to assess and maintain the accuracy and completeness of the migrated data, providing information to identify and address any potential issues.  

4. Pre & Post Migration Plans

We have developed detailed plans for both pre-migration and post-migration activities. That included data preparation, testing, and validation before migration, as well as post migration to ensure data consistency and quality. 

5. ETL Jobs Logs & Stats Management

We provided tools and procedures for effective management of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) jobs, including logs and statistics. This would help in tracking the progress of data transformation processes and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. 

6. Project Management

We oversaw project management aspects, ensuring that the project was executed efficiently, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget. This included coordinating activities, managing resources, and addressing any challenges that emerged during the project.  

Scope of Engagement

  • Building complete automation to track performance and productivity was so engaging. 
  • Working closely with their IT team to integrate Salesforce CRM was also a scope of engagement 
  • Also, providing data quality reports to help assessment and maintenance accuracy and completeness was quite engaging. 
  • Other scopes of engagement were executing efficiency, meeting deadlines, and staying within budget. 
  • Handling tools and procedures for effective management of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) jobs was so exciting and engaging. 

Highlights of Our Approach

  • Our ability to collaborate and use of secured mobility framework allowed employees to keep proper track of daily calls, customer contacts and work reports conveniently. 
  • By prioritizing client’s resources and budget constraints, we used free but efficient tools to serve them the best output under least budget. 
  • We focused on strategies to make their data management secure and consistent with a personalized transformative touch. 
  • By understanding their less-familiarity with technology our strategy was to train them despite letting them suffer with low and untrendy solutions. 

Benefits of trusting on us for this project

Building data pipelines for bulk data migration for Salesforce delivered beyond their expectations results and they felt so satisfied to enjoy following benefits: 

  • Now it was easy to keep proper track of daily inbound and outbound calls, customer contacts and call response for the staff. 
  • Improved data quality reporting mechanisms allowed them to assess and maintain accuracy and completeness.  
  • Tools and procedures provided by us for ETL procedure helped them in tracking the progress of data transformation processes and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.  
  • Our pre and post migration plans ensured data consistency and quality.  
  •  We provided them with a fully upgraded system to manage and process their huge data effortlessly.  
  • Their business and customer data are their assets and now they have become capable of utilizing this asset to track their goals and proceed towards success. 
  • With proper training in automation and technology now their entire staff became familiar with handling the system flawlessly. 


These solutions collectively facilitated a successful transition to Salesforce CRM for them, ensuring data accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in the migration process.  While enhancing the overall integration and management of data across systems, the automation for records management enhanced their capabilities. Pre and post migration plans improved data quality. The overall solution, along with the latest tools and procedures for ETL procedure transformed their entire process. So, building data pipelines for bulk data migration to Salesforce was a successful project with great satisfaction and complete solution. 

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Puneet Taneja - CPO (Chief Planning Officer)
Puneet Taneja
CPO (Chief Planning Officer)
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