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Unique features of Snowflake data warehouse

There are many cloud-based data warehouse providers at present in the market. But what will be your first and obvious choice for that? That will be discussed in this article. 

You will get to know about some unique and stand-out features of Snowflake. After reading this article, you will rethink getting another cloud-based data warehouse provider. 


Unique and stand-out features of Snowflake 

A detailed history of Query 

It is human nature that they repeatedly make the same mistakes. But in this provider, you get the facility that you can easily store the entire older Query you may need now. Moreover, it can be stored for up to 24 hours, saving you money to ask to do the same thing. 

Creation of SQL Worksheet 

You can create a SQL worksheet where the Query will be there on the left side, and the results will be on the right side. So it is easy and convenient for the customer to do the function as per the need.  

Easy computing 

Some of the other data warehouses take so much time to get on or off the system. But it is not the case for Snowflake. It can quickly turn on or off as per the convenience and desire of the user. You can also set a timer, after which the system will automatically turn off. It can save a lot of money for you. 

Proper documentation  

Every feature of snowflakes is well documented and presented in the system. As a result, anyone new to the system can easily read and operate the system, which is beneficial for an organization. 

Support for most of the Javascripts 

Creating a java system in this data warehouse is very easy, which is not the case with other techniques available in the market. You can easily create UDF and UDAF in an enjoyable process. 

Representation in visual forms 

It is one most crucial part of any data warehouse to properly analyze the system in a visual format so that it can be understandable by everyone. Here you will find complicated data systems in very efficient graph and bar forms. 

Data sharing feature 

Sometimes you need to send the data you have punched into the system. In other scenarios, it isn’t easy to share the items. But in the case of Snowflake, you can easily command and clone the object to send the data to the system you want. 

Presence of custom connectors 

Due to the presence of this feature, Snowflake can quickly push query processing in the data source. As a result, it is helpful to generate the answer to queries in minimum network strength. There is also a python connector in the Snowflake, which can easily connect with the Snowflake. 


These are some of the benefits of using a snowflake data warehouse over any other data warehouse. You will get most of the benefits when you use the Snowflake. Most of the organizations didn’t change their cloud data operator after using Snowflake. After using this data warehouse, you will start to feel that this extraordinarily unique and valuable data warehouse will benefit your organization. 


Unique Data warehouse features of Snowflake

If you want to know the data warehouse features of Snowflake you are in the right place. But at first, we need to get the primary idea of Snowflake Data Warehouse. Customers get a fully managed cloud data warehouse in Saas (Software-as-a-Service) or Daas (Database-as-a-service) in Snowflake Data Warehouse. It is called fully managed because users don’t need to worry about back-end work such as server installation, maintenance, etc.

Snowflake is becoming an alternative to Google Big Query and Amazon Redshift because of its go-to solution for analytics and reporting. In this article, we will share some unique features of a snowflake that make it unique and apart from other data warehouses. So let’s start discussing snowflake features.

Features offer by Snowflake 

  • Snowflake has partnerships with industry-leading technology partners, which help them to build connectors and drivers of significant analytics ecosystems. 
  • There are features called zero-copy in Snowflake by which customers can clone any database instantly without creating a new copy. Furthermore, it can create multiple independent clones without extra.
  • Snowflake performs query performance and table optimization with micro partitions and data clustering. 
  • It helps the customer connect with the source with the help of a snow pipe. It is effortless to create integration with the snow pipes. The data from your source can use it. 
  • Snowflake is a continuous, straightforward, and cost-effective service to load the data in the snowflake. 
  • Snowflake offers you to create a material view on top of the file storage. It helps reduce the cost and reduce the time to load into the data warehouse to do the analysis part.  
  • It gives you the ability to create the material view on the top of the file storage to start the analysis. 
  • Snowflakes help in schema less loading. It means customers don’t need to define the schema at first. Instead, you can directly load that into the data warehouse without specifying the schema of the data. 
  • It helps the customer query the JSON without flattening it or transforming it. 
  • It also offers data sharing to external users without creating copies of the data. It means you don’t need any additional storage and cost for the data consumer. 
  • There is an UNDROP command in snowflake by which users can recover the mistakes like dropping the wrong table. On other data houses, you have to spend a lot of time backing up and restoring the data, but in snowflakes, you can do it instantly. 
  • Snowflakes can combine structured and semi-structured data without using complex technologies like a hive. 


For these out-of-the-box features of snowflakes, a massive number of customers are adopting this data warehouse. Snowflake is very simple to set up and very easy to build and maintain the analytics. You also take the help of customer support if you have any other queries about this particular data warehouse. 

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